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Our Library Vision

New Traditions library celebrates the joy and creativity of literature while fostering the freedom of intrinsically motivated discovery. The goal of our online School Loop Page is to create a collaborative hub of information sharing and exchange.

About the Library

New Traditions library is open every Thursday and Friday. Students in the lower grades visit the library every week for 30 minutes, while upper grades visit every other week for 45 minutes. Lauren Sidle is the Teacher-Librarian at New Traditions. Lauren holds a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Library Teaching Credential and is the Teacher Librarian at one other SFUSD school, and one Mill Valley school.

New Traditions library strives to foster information seeking independence and confidence. The upper grades focus on information seeking, and information technology skills, while book care, self selection practices and literacy and comprehension skills are a focus in the lower grades. The library works in collaboration with the classroom to give the support students and teachers need for joyful academic success.

Above all a love for books and intrinsically motivated learning is valued and supported in this library.

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New Books

Check out some of our new arrivals!

Flight Amulet The Lost Hero The Memory Bank Malice Oh! NO! Make Way For Diamande Daniels! Wonderland
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